Mediabarn is committed to bringing Human-Centered Design (HCD) best practices to federal agencies to make their digital products and services more useful and effective, both to the general public and federal employees.
Human-Centered Design (HCD)​
Providing an exceptional user experience begins with listening to your audience. HCD is a proven methodology in the digital product design space that embraces involving users throughout the process and designing solutions that successfully meet their needs. Throughout the HCD lifecycle, we join usability and accessibility to ensure standards are met early on.
UX Governance
Organized UX governance is essential for providing a seamless experience when user journeys span multiple components or programs. Whether evolving existing style guidelines, patterns or design systems, or creating new frameworks, we take a proactive approach toward maintaining consistent use, cross-organizational coordination, and overall design quality.
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Customer Experience

Mediabarn’s extensive background providing CX aligns with main tenets of the Presidential Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience. At the most fundamental level, our efforts to modernize and transform experiences are driven by the voice of the customer through proven human-centered research and design methods.

User Research

Our research capabilities span a range of qualitative and quantitative methods and include usability testing, focus groups, interviews and surveys. Research can be conducted either in-person at our lab facilities located in the Washington, DC and Virginia Beach areas or remotely, and is supported by a dedicated lab operations (LabOps) team including dedicated participant recruitment and technical support.

Service Design

Both digital and non-digital interactions across the front and back stages are evaluated, ideated, designed, prototyped, tested, and iterated upon so that every action from the enterprise is coordinated to maximize customer value. Mediabarn’s service design capability connects the dots so that customers don't have to.


Our HCD approach seamlessly integrates with Agile development cycles by providing iterative designs that are informed by user research and testing.

Types of Engagements

There are many benefits of having a centralized CX research and design team to help drive strategy, governance, and execution, with end users as the primary focus for how designs are developed and implemented.

Specialized HCD

By engaging with us on a project-by-project basis, you can apply CX research and design to improve the user experience of current programs. Whether serving as a prime or subcontractor, we tailor our teams for an optimal fit into your product development environment.

CX Centers of Excellence (CoE)

By establishing a Customer Experience CoE, government agencies can positively impact their high-value experiences by placing users and their journeys at the center of the product design strategy, while also saving money, time and effort with a more efficient and innovative CX approach.

Engage with Us

As a small business, our aim is to make it simple and easy to do business with us. We are currently available via the following contract vehicles and also partner with several major federal consulting and technology firms.

Mediabarn is proud to be a founding member of the Digital Services Coalition (DSC), a non-profit trade association committed to improving the customer experience of government services.

Specialized HCD

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