Enterprise Healthcare CX

Providing enterprise level customer experience for Healthcare organizations.
Aligning experiences for patients, providers and payers
Customer journeys in obtaining and providing care can span multiple touch points across both digital and traditional channels. Aligning the organization to provide the best possible experiences for patients, providers and payers can be complex and doesn’t happen overnight. Using modern best practices in healthcare journey management, we provide the strategy, planning and execution needed to incrementally evolve customer experiences as CX practices mature in your organization.

Outcome-based Enterprise CX for Healthcare

Outcome Focused

Every research and design initiative works toward your organization’s outcomes. To measure performance, we’ll work with you to establish core CX metrics such as customer effort score (CES), customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS) as well as assessments of business value driven by key journeys.

Enterprise CS

Providing healthcare services requires efforts that involve multiple areas of the organization. Through Service Design activities that unify ‘front stage’ and ‘back stage’ activities, our team ensures that all of the components are in place to deliver cohesive health service experiences across the enterprise.


Healthcare Experience

Our healthcare customers include major hospital chains, health insurance companies, producers of medical equipment, and federal health authorities. With our extensive industry knowledge, we can work well with your teams to deliver high-value outcomes.


Our research capabilities include developing journey maps and data-driven personas, as well as conducting numerous methods of qualitative and quantitative research. Utilizing our two dedicated research lab facilities, our research team has deep experience supporting initiatives governed by strict protocols and HIPAA compliance.

Patients, Practitioners and Payers

Our design approach considers patients who are receiving care, practitioners who are providing care, and the payers providing financial coverage. We live and breathe medical terms, but our designs don’t force a patient to become an expert in order to become empowered in their healthcare experience.

Customer Experience

Many aspects of what patients and staff experience doesn’t involve a website or mobile app, so our solutions consider all touch points involved. We design digital products to augment the high quality care your organization provides, and we improve in-person experiences to make patients thrive.

Engage with Us

As a small business, our aim is to make it simple and easy to do business with us. We are currently available via the following contract vehicles and also partner with several major federal consulting and technology firms.

Mediabarn is proud to be a founding member of the Digital Services Coalition (DSC), a non-profit trade association committed to improving the customer experience of government services.

Specialized HCD

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